R&D At the forefront of biotechnological innovation, our cutting-edge research is dedicated to advancing vaccine immunotherapies to battle cancer and infectious diseases. With a wide range of multidisciplinary capabilities, our research allows for continuous iterative learning loops which accelerates the development of transformative treatments and significantly enhance the value of our platform.

AI Immuno-Informatics

At the interface between immunology, computer science and machine learning, Evaxion leads an engineering-first approach to modeling the immune system. With a continuous sight towards saving and improving lives with Al-Immunology™, Evaxion counts on:

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Data Mastery: Through an effective collaboration between our talented pool of bioinformaticians and immunologists, we excel in data acquisition, quality assessment, and innovative up-cycling to maximize data integrity and utility.

Technological Agility and Machine Learning Prowess: Harness the power of state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) algorithms and models, we provide the infrastructure needed to enhance the speed of iteration from idea to validation

Critical Evaluation and Clinical Applicability: Instills a culture of meticulous scrutiny for the validation and interpretation of AI predictions, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to clinical scalability and compliance, ensuring that AI-driven insights translate effectively to patient-centric solutions.


Counting with state-of-the-art laboratories, Evaxion can quickly move from discovery or vaccine design to testing. At Evaxion, we have a wide range of capabilities, including:

Broad Screening Capabilities: Our capabilities allow for extensive candidate testing, addressing every aspect from target expression to stability, immunogenicity, and efficacy

Integrated Research Excellence: Experienced in mammalian cell line, bacteria, and live viruses handling, Evaxion’s integrated research setup allows for seamless transition with adjacent animal facility for holistic cancer and infectious disease challenge models.

Immunological Expertise: Comprehensive T cell and B cell essay battery, including activation studies and antibody affinity assessments, to feed vaccine design learning loops

Animal Facility

Our modern research facility specializes in in vivo models, providing a platform for real-life testing of AI-Immunology™ products. With the ability to swiftly screen in-silico predicted vaccines across numerous models, we emphasize following compliance requirements with the stringent Danish and European ethical standards. We have an animal welfare organ where ethics and replacement options are discussed in a forum of scientists, veterinarians and laymen.

In our cutting-edge vivarium, we merge technological advancement with a commitment to humane and responsible research, taking our time with the animals and using the best possible enrichment for animal welfare to ensure that our pursuit of scientific progress aligns with the highest ethical principles.

Translational Medicine

Within translational medicine, we aim to improve medical practice to benefit patients by translating basic science into functional outcomes. With our extensive experience in biomarker and immune analysis, we unravel the complexities of treatment-induced immune responses elicited by our different clinical candidates to validate their potential and uncover potential new diagnostic tools.

Evaxion’s in-house translational proficiency spans from sample logistics to developing targeted biomarker strategies, ensuring efficient sample analysis, compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements, data analysis and reporting. Our team is dedicated to transforming research into solutions for improved patient outcomes, ensuring precision and reliability at every step.

Vaccine Manufacturing

Pioneering personalized cancer vaccines through clinical trial testing, we have challenged what was believed to be possible and created a pipeline capable of manufacturing individualized cGMP vaccines based on each patient’s tumor signature. Our manufacturing capabilities are characterized by:

Streamlined Manufacturing Integration and Optimized Turnaround: Reduction of manufacturing Turn Around Time (TAT) from months to weeks by fostering interconnection between various manufacturing and QC testing stages and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), complemented by tightly controlled shipment logistics. 

Adaptive Production and Distribution Platform: Robust plasmid DNA and peptide manufacturing platforms adept at managing an array of product and logistic variations, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness in production and supply chain operations.

Regulatory Acumen in Personalized Therapies: Extensive regulatory expertise in personalized therapies, with a proven track record navigating the FDA (US), EMA (EU) and TGA (AUS) regulatory frameworks, which reinforces our capacity to meet complex compliance mandates effectively.

Clinical Development

Our clinical development capabilities stem from a foundation of specialized in-house expertise. Our team’s proficiency has been instrumental in successfully navigating Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials. Our clinical capabilities include:

AI-Enhanced Clinical Advancement: Advanced R&D expertise in AI-enabled biotechnology allows for efficient advancing of innovative concepts into clinical trials, ensuring precision, compliance, and insightful data generation.

Insightful Data Interpretation: Skilled in sophisticated data analysis, we extract insights from complex datasets to inform critical clinical decisions and enhance trial outcomes.

Regulatory Excellence and Ethical Compliance: Experienced in regulatory landscapes, we conduct clinical trials with an unwavering commitment to ethical standards, ensuring all research activities meet stringent global requirements.

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