Saving and improving lives with AI-Immunology™

Our Purpose

Many people die from cancer, drug-resistant bacteria and other infectious diseases. The demand for new and efficient drugs has never been higher, and will only keep on growing.

Everyday, our AI platform, AI-Immunology™, brings us closer to a future where we can treat a wide range of critical diseases.

This is why our purpose is: Saving and improving lives with AI-Immunology™

About AI-Immunology™

Evaxion is a pioneering TechBio company with a and leading AI–platform, AI-Immunology™, for fast and effective vaccine target discovery, design and development. AI-Immunology™ is clinically validated and can identify therapeutically relevant vaccine targets within ours for cancer and infectious diseases.

AI-Immunology™ allows for ground-breaking development of novel personalized and precision vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases. Consisting of a collection of unique in-house developed AI building blocks, the platform allows for intelligent combinations of these for the generation of tailored models to address complex immune-related healthcare issues.

Why work/collaborate with Evaxion?

At Evaxion, we stand at the forefront of the biotechnology industry with our advanced use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to model the immune system. However, our strength lies not only in our technological innovations but also in our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

Our multidisciplinary team operates within state-of-the-art facilities to pioneer the design and development of personalized and precision vaccine candidates tailored to meet specific disease signatures and the needs of partners.

Our robust AI prediction models are specifically trained in the fields of cancer and infectious diseases, offering a clinically validated predictive capability that sets us apart in the biotech space. This precision allows for the rapid discovery of therapeutically relevant and delivery modality agnostic vaccine targets within 24 hours, enabling us to meet a wide range of specifications and requirements.

Our key facts


Years of development


Initial Public Offering (IPO) on U.S. Nasdaq


Personalized vaccine batches manufactured to date for clinical use


Success rate on vaccine manufacturing for all enrolled patients where a vaccine could be designed


AI building blocks, that can be ensembled into multiple different models


In-house developed assets between preclinical and phase 2


Pre-clinical studies


Patent families covering multiple inventions across bioinformatics, cancer and infectious diseases areas

Company Presentation

Are you eager to deep-dive into Evaxion's business? Download our latest presentation below, or click here to see all our latest presentations.


Deep dive into our self-developed programs for select high-value programs with high potential impact within cancer and infectious disease.


Our multidisciplincary capabilities support our AI-platform, driving differentiation.


With potential 2024 milestones across clinical and preclinical assets, Evaxion is set to drive value generation. 

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